This page is an index of writing by Inara Reynolds that you can read for free on the website or wattpad. The index includes short stories for the 52-week challenge, writing exercises, and various other writing.

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“Write a new short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” – Ray Bradbury

The 52 short stories in 52 weeks challenge was brought back by Eva Deverell aka The Lady Writer. It sounded like a great idea to me. Just the kick I need to write every day.

The challenge is to read or write 52 Short Stories in 52 weeks. Don’t forget to click Eva’s link and read her shorts!

PLEASE NOTE: These stories may be posted in a rough state as my time might be limited. For stories that are rough, I do plan on editing them at some point. Any changes will be reflected in the index.
As of June 19, 2018, I am no longer posting my stories until final edits.

52 Week Challenge Story Index


Week 01 | Iniquitous (Thriller, Whodunit, Paranormal) A tale of a freak storm, a curious Gentleman, and an inescapable blasphemy…
Week 02 | Untitled (Gothic Thriller)
Week 03 | Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Gothic Thriller)
Week 04 | Untitled (Gothic Thriller)
Week 05 | Rise of the Templar (history fiction)
Week 06 | The Boy in the Box (Crime)
Week 07 | The Body Under the Porch (Crime)
Week 08 | Cam and Segna (Dystopian Romance – Title to be changed)
Week 09 | Ben and Helen (Dystopian Romance – Title to be changed)
Week 10 | There is Something Odd About Iris (Horror, Thriller)
Week 11 | Out of Mordor (Fan Fic, Fantasy)
Week 12 | Not Again! (Dejavu, thriller)
Week 13 | Untitled (Fantasy)
Week 14 | April Camp NaNoWriMo Horror Short Story Collection Start
Week 15April Camp NaNoWriMo Horror Short Story Collection
Week 16 | April Camp NaNoWriMo Horror Short Story Collection
Week 17 | April Camp NaNoWriMo Horror Short Story Collection End
Week 18 | Say What? (Generic Micro Fiction)
Week 19 | Broken Cogs (Steampunk)
Week 20 | The Fight for Detroit (Dystopian)
Week 21 | The Beast and the Harlot (Paranormal Romance – Inspired by the A7X song, though the story is different.)
Week 22 | Untitled (Urban Paranormal)
Week 23 | Vampires and Lycans, Oh My! (Urban Paranormal)
Week 24 | Untitled (Urban Paranormal)
Week 25 | The Pheonix (Steampunk)
Week 26 | Hadrian’s Pumpkin (Middle grade, historical. Ancient Rome)
Week 27 | Diary of a Serial Killer (Thriller)


Week 1 – 11 became a rough draft for a novella as I continued to write the story.

Week 01 | We Came From Mars (SciFi)
Week 02 | Kathrine’s Folly (SciFi)
Week 03 | Homecoming (SciFi)
Week 04 | Survival of the Fittest (SciFi)
Week 05 | Touchdown (SciFi)
Week 06 | Ancient Technology (SciFi)
Week 07 | Rebuilding (SciFi)
Week 08 | Kings and Queens (SciFi)
Week 09 | Check (SciFi)
Week 10 | Mate (SciFi)
Week 11 | In the End (SciFi)
Week 12 | Title (Genre)
Week 13 | Title (Genre)
Week 14 | Title (Genre)
Week 15 | Title (Genre)

Various Writing Exercises for you to read and do. Feel free to do them and share your outcomes in the comments on their specific page long form, or with a link.

Exercise Index

    A Self-Interview Guide for the Writer
    Face Study – Pulling inspiration from a portrait
    Take Three Nouns
    Take Three Nouns Exercise – Day Two
    Pick 10 Exercise
    Phobia Writing Exercise
    Inspiration From TV
    9 Step Short Story Outline

Writing regarding The World of Orelium.


    An Interview with Brevyre the Demonspell
    The Demonspell Teaser (Unedited)

Full stories that you can read for free on


Borrowed Time – A Novella (SciFi, Steampunk, Alternate History, Action, Adventure, Time Travel) I have adapted the Novella to a Novel since originally writing the story for a #Justwriteit challenge. The story on wattpad is the original piece and does not reflect edits and changes made to the novel.
    Jellybones (Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Long Short Story)
   Damaged Goods (Flash Fiction, Déjà vu) Can be read both here on my website and Wattpad.

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