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I have had more than a few people ask me about two key books lately, where they are, how they are coming, and when are they coming?  I would like to address that in this post and give you all an update!

When is Borrowed Time finally going to be out?

The original plan was to drop Borrowed Time on Halloween, 2016.  When I got my proof back, I wasn’t happy with how the cover looked in print.  I decided that before I released the book, I needed to be happy with how it looked, prompting a  cover overhaul.

Meanwhile… A few of my beta readers talked me into a series with Meryia and the crew.  I had left the epilogue in the original story open for a potential series, so I agreed with turning it into a series, and A Rube In Time was born.    After that, a series branding cover was needed.

With the original challenge time limits,  I hadn’t been able to give the characters the life I typically would in a story of that genre, I had planned to go back and rewrite it if only for myself and sense of completion.

As the edits and fleshing out continue, Borrowed Time has gone from a long short story with a little over 12K words to at this writing to an over 30K word novella.

New scenes have been added, more detail has been given to the original content, expanding on the steampunk element, and the important characters have more of a distinct personality and life to them.

A Rube in Time series is currently set for 6 books.  I plan on having Borrowed Time out Jan 2017 as an E-book with a print book shortly after that.  Book 2, Oath Keepers will be out with a March to April 2017 time frame.

I will be sending out the new eBook of Borrowed Time to all my beta readers very soon.  Thank you for your support and patience!

Are you still working on any World of Orelium content or books?

The Rise of Orelium is still undergoing major edits and revisions.  The rough draft of the book clocked in at just over 95K words, and as I am editing the manuscript, I am also editing places, and other elements of the world.  Each time I do that, I dream of a new race to make or contemplate things that I need to change in races that I have already created.

With that being said, there is a possibility The Rise of Orelium will be well over 100K words by the time it is finished.  As something I have been working on and developing for the last 30 years, I have to make sure I am 100% happy with everything the world has to offer from my side of things.

I have so many things planned with the World of Orelium, a total of 4 series at this time.  Nick J Balers has at least 2 of his own planned.  Please be patient with us as we get things perfected.

Resource material will still be released.  I have been asked by fellow gamers when I will be handing them other races to beta test.  Right now, the Uasal are going through a slight revision stat wise, and I have handed it off to my favorite GM to re-beta test.  The PDF manual for them will be out as soon as we are happy with the changes and play-ability. The Juslarian will be the next race that will hit beta testing for play-ability.

While I am not going to give a definitive date for The Rise of Orelium release, I am targeting late fall to early winter.

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