2017 Upcoming Books!

Some covers are to be determined at this time, and some covers may change on these upcoming books for the year!

[mybooktable book=”the-caste” display=”cover+buybuttons” buybutton_shadowbox=”false”] “The Caste”
Spring 2017
Read “The Caste” on Wattpad!  Free ebook releasing soon!


[mybooktable book=”borrowed-time” display=”cover+buybuttons” buybutton_shadowbox=”false”] “Borrowed Time”
A Rube In Time Vol. 1
Spring 2017
(Original cover, new cover will be released soon!)
Novel adaptation of my short story.
Fall 2017
A Wattpad and Inara Reynolds.com Exclusive Novel.
[mybooktable book=”rise-of-orelium” display=”cover+buybuttons” buybutton_shadowbox=”false”] Rise of Orelium
Chronicles of Qhol’xaan Vol. 1
Winter 2017
Cover to be released later this year!


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Inara Reynolds is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. She has written character classes for various role playing games, as well as modules.

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