The Caste Research Board On Pinterest

The Caste Research Board On Pinterest

Not going to lie, I have always been addicted to Pinterest… When an idea strikes me for a story, I usually create a board for the idea and start pinning away.  The Caste was no different.

In one of my writing groups, we had a discussion of how useful Pinterest was as a tool for writing inspiration. Most of us made research boards for our novels using Pinterest. I also create mood boards for major characters, which I will share with you later.  Through this discussion, I learned how to share a specific board to a post on my blog. YAY ME!  I feel accomplished!

With The Caste posting full steam ahead on Wattpad, I thought I would share the research board I made for The Caste before I started outlining the book. Sometimes a great piece of art spurs on your creativity or adds more creativity to a work already in progress. Sometimes the inspiration for a story or scene comes from a simple quote.

Do you use Pinterest as a writer? As a reader, do you enjoy seeing images that influenced a writer to write your favorite stories? Let me know your thoughts below. Feel free to follow me!

The Caste Research Board


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