Thangwen Sercetari
Thangwen Sercetari

“I am Thangwen Sercetari, daughter of Oroussoe and In’Daelu. Sister to Frennano and Seyth, Queen of the Uasal…. As I said, I am no mere girl…”

Thangwen Sercetari was the first Uasal created by In’Daelu and Oroussoe.  She is strong willed, and often defiant, having no qualms with playing the game of evil if the ends justify the means.

While manipulative towards Zaranur and those she deems as a traitor, she is loyal and loving to those she finds deserving.  She finds herself on a quest to save the Human race that leads her to the point of selling out her soul.

“Do it, murder me like you have murdered so many. Show them the real you, Zaranur, show our sons what a monster their father really is.” Thangwen looked deeply into Zaranur’s eyes, showing him no fear. — From The Rise of Orelium

More info to come after the release of Rise of Orelium!


Theme song for Thangwen Sercetari – Rise of Orelium
Within Temptation – The Truth Beneath the Rose:


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