Flesh Out

Take what you wrote in your Take Three Nouns 10-minute sessions from the two days before, flesh out your story, you can and should edit this final part! You may find yourself not using some of what you wrote the last two days, or rewording it.  That is OK, change away! Just remember to keep the elements of the three nouns.

Word limit is up to you. I usually take 1 day to flesh out a story with my two parts, another day to make edits and rewrites.  Take your time with this, make it something you feel happy with.

I am still working on my part 3, I will post it in a couple of days and link it here.  I wanted to make sure I had this part posted for those of you who are doing these exercises and practices along with me.

If you write one, please feel free to share your finished story with me!  I would love to read what you have come up with!  I don’t mind if you do like a few others have and send your writing to me in a private message.  You also don’t have to feel pressured to share your writing at all as long as you keep practicing.

Inara Reynolds is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. She has written character classes for various role playing games, as well as modules.

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