Welcome to InaraReynolds.com!

I am so glad that you are joining me on this writing journey!

I love to write, and I have many stories to share. Nick Pollotta once told me to write every day, even if it's utter crap. I have followed his advice and encourage you all to send me prompts to write for you. My 10-minute flash fiction Damaged Goods post is an example of how that works. I will do my best to get to each prompt as quickly as I can, between working on my Novels.

If you decide to continue on this journey with me, here at InaraReynolds.com, you can expect:

   Hidden content from the novels such as deleted chapters, and alternate endings.

   There will be times I will post up chapters of upcoming books for your enjoyment and critique.

   RPG content to go along with the World of Orelium series.

   Resources for my books, mainly the World of Orelium series.

   Character profiles for major characters in my books.

   Other writing, featuring challenges by you, my new friends.

   Lots of fun and laughs!

   Exclusive eBooks that you can get for free from my website only.

A Quick Tour

About Inara section:

Things about me, both the business side and the fun, human side. Things I love, things I read, things I watch. You get the picture!

Books Section:

You will be able to find a book by series by hitting the drop down or stand-alone books. You can hit the main BOOK link and see ALL the books I have either published or getting ready to publish.

Writing Section:

The Writing Section contains an index of all the things you can read for free on the website or Wattpad.

   Short stories currently contain the short stories listing I have been writing for The 52 short stories in 52 weeks challenge.

   Writing Exercise tab contains a series of writing challenges you can either read or do along with me.

   World of Orelium tab has writing I am sharing regarding the World of Orelium world. Character interviews, sneaks, deleted content and sometimes alternate endings.

   Read on Wattpad tab contains links to stories I have posted on Wattpad.com that you can read free.

I will add other tabs when I have interesting items to share from other novels.

Characters Section:

You will find the character profiles listings for major characters in my books.

Resources Section:

Will include additional content for books or series: Maps, race guides for RPG use, etc. I hope to add more items such as questions and discussion for reading groups as the books start coming out.

Fun Stuff Section:

Currently, this section contains music playlists that go along with the books. I hope to add more things in the near future. Games would be epic, don't you think?


You can find a list of all pages and posts I have written on this website. You can also use the search feature in the sidebar to find things you might be interested in.

Affiliates and Referrals

Some articles or links on the sidebar may contain Affiliate or Referral links. They will be clearly declared to you before you click them. Siteground for instance, if you click and sign up, you get a discount, I receive a free month of web hosting. I will also only affiliate link or refer items I use and love, have read, or think may be useful to you.

I still have a lot to finish on the website, like character profiles and resources. Those will be up and ready for you to view as the content is created.

I plan on creating a members area that will include exclusive content, gifts, and other fun things.

In the meantime, please feel free to hang out with me on Facebook, Google+ page, Twitter, or Pinterest. You can also leave me a comment, or contact me.

If you have a story you would like me to write, use the form on the contact page. You make the rules!