“Write a new short story every week. It’s not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row.” – Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury’s quote resonates with me in many ways. Write every day, even if it’s crap. Refine your craft, and expand your voice.

Here you will find Shorts that you can read for free. Some were inspired by the news or actual cases. Some were inspired by songs that I love. Some are challenges presented to me by other people using keywords and rules to write by.

These stories are multi-genre stories, and some of them have pushed me out of my comfort zone through requests from other people, working on various writing exercises, or challenging myself.

NOTE: As of June 2018, I will no longer post unedited short stories on my website with the exception of the Word Prompt challenge. Wattpad is on hold for new work.

Damaged Goods Cover

Damaged Goods

Chris had a great job, a beautiful wife and the perfect car. It started out as a typical day, but after getting his pink slip, he found himself stuck in a sequence of Déjà vu. What would it take to break the cycle?

Genre: Flash Fiction, Déjà vu

Can be read both here on my website and Wattpad. Written April 22, 2016.



A simple break in at the Poxston Art Gallery turns into pure hell for art curator, Juliette Olamos.

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Long Short Story

Written as a challenge, October 2016.



A tale of a freak storm, a curious Gentleman, and an inescapable blasphemy…

Genre: Thriller, Whodunit, Paranormal

Can be read both here on my website and Wattpad.

Written the first week of January, 2018 for a 52 stories challenge.

Other Shorts

  • Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Gothic Thriller) - You guessed it, I love me some MCR...
  • Rise of the Templar (history fiction)
  • The Boy in the Box (Crime) Inspired by a true crime
  • The Body Under the Porch (Crime)
  • Cam and Segna (Dystopian Romance - Title to be changed) - Short story from "The Caste" series.
  • Ben and Helen (Dystopian Romance - Title to be changed) - Short story from "The Caste" series.
  • There is Something Odd About Iris (Horror, Thriller)
  • Out of Mordor (Fan Fic, Fantasy)
  • Not Again! (Dejavu, thriller)
  • Say What? (Generic Micro Fiction) - A short from my "Inspiration From TV" writing exercise.
  • Broken Cogs (Steampunk)
  • The Fight for Detroit (Dystopian) - Short story from "The Caste" series.
  • The Beast and the Harlot (Paranormal Romance - Inspired by the A7X song, though the story is different.)
  • Vampires and Lycans, Oh My! (Urban Paranormal)
  • The Pheonix (Steampunk) - Short story from "A Rube in Time" series.
  • Hadrian's Pumpkin (Middle grade, historical. Ancient Rome)
  • Diary of a Serial Killer (Thriller)

Writing Exercises

Various Writing Exercises for you to read and do. Feel free to do them and share your outcomes in the comments on their specific page long-form, or with a link.

Other Prose