Short Stories

Damaged Goods Cover

Damaged Goods

Chris had a great job, a beautiful wife and the perfect car. It started out as a typical day, but after getting his pink slip, he found himself stuck in a sequence of Déjà vu. What would it take to break the cycle?

Genre: Flash Fiction, Déjà vu

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Borrowed Time Book Cover

Borrowed Time – Novella

Fate, Destiny and a Rube Goldberg Device.

Genre: (SciFi, Steampunk, Alternate History, Action, Adventure, Time Travel)

This is the Original Novella and cover written for a Wattpad Challenge.

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A simple break in at the Poxston Art Gallery turns into pure hell for art curator, Juliette Olamos.

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Long Short Story

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A tale of a freak storm, a curious Gentleman, and an inescapable blasphemy…

Genre: Thriller, Whodunit, Paranormal

Can be read both here on my website and Wattpad.