“In’Daelu would destroy us all… “

The King of the Luminari, Oroussoe is often the voice of reason, especially for In’Daelu.  He is the Gemini twin to the Daemon King, Zaranur, and helps control the darkness. He can see misery, and often tries to shield those he cares about from a brutal fate.

He is often the One mortals turn to for help and guidance, and his fatherly nature has led him astray more than once.

Oroussoe had been holding back his rage in front of his daughter. After hearing Zaranur call his beloved a whore, he could not control his wrath any longer. Oroussoe advanced towards Zaranur, thrusting his sword at him. The sword plunged into air, as Zaranur disappeared. — From The Rise of Orelium

The God of Darkness, Debts and Victory, is very beautiful, with ashen skin, long, wavy red-gold hair, and eyes the color of dark earth. He is very tall and slender, and looks rather friendly. He usually wears peasants’ clothes dyed dark violet and grey-brown.

King Oroussoe is also associated with abundance, graves and death and misery. He is often worshiped by young folk, and those in their un-death state. His few, but dedicated followers can be primarily distinguished by their daily prayers, you can’t miss the chanting… even when you take your ears off.

He and his son Frennao don’t often see eye to eye. That could be that much like Lady Fesavah; he likes to help the virtuous, and often prevents Frennao causing stress to his favorite followers. — Qhol’xaan


Theme song for Oroussoe – Rise of Orelium: Loreena Mckennit – Beneath a Phrygian Sky

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