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Jellybones Part Nine


October 30th, 2016 cont...


 I lay there on the floor, for what seemed like hours, the only sound I could hear was the sound of my own breath. The silence was only a brief, tease of a respite, as the floor began to groan again. I could hear something burst out of the floor boards as the wood splintered, sending shards out with it. I could feel the pain as one of the wooden projectiles entered my leg, and I cried out in pain. I could feel the blood gushing from my wound, and I know it had hit an artery.

“Help me, please!” I called out to the person I had heard coming up the stairs earlier.

No help came. I could feel cold fingers wrapping around my ankles, burning my flesh with its chill. It dragged me towards it, and as it came into view, I screamed in terror at the sight of the figure in front of me. The face was disfigured as if it had been sculpted out of wax and melted, blood dripped from its being. Its eyes were glazed over in a golden red hue, and instead of pupils, it had orange sunspots. Pieces of long gray matted hair dotted its scalp in patches, and those that weren’t bound by blood swung free.

The cat re-appeared to its master. I could hear it purring as it rubbed itself against the entity happy to be in his master’s presence again. The entity began to pull my legs upwards towards it, the grotesque squish of jelly falling to the floor turned my stomach, and I started to vomit.

The entity began to suck the blood coming out of my leg wound with a hunger of a creature that hadn’t eaten in a while. I could feel its razor-like teeth sinking into my leg, drawing more blood out of my carcass. My eyes began to haze over with a fog that I was certain was death. I had lost my will to fight, I was dying.

I could feel the ropes around my body loosen; someone had untied me from the chair. As the entity pulled me up further, I could feel my body swaying away from the chair, falling. Another set of hands grabbed my arms, pulling me towards them and away from the creature in front of me. It hissed in a metallic voice and began to pull me harder, trying to keep me as its prize. The chair fell to the floor with a crash and splintered underneath me. The hands on my arms gripped me tighter, and as the tug of war ensued between the two, I could feel my ligaments and muscles straining from the fight.

“Jellybones, she’s mine!” A familiar screech came from behind me as she pulled harder on my arms. It was the medieval girl from the statue.

Jellybones shrieked in reply, grasping my ankles tighter, and I could feel the bones splinter. The pain of my bones crushing seared through my body, I was still alive but unable to scream.

The cat jumped over me, claws extended at the medieval girl who had my arms. He landed on her face, sinking his claws into her flesh. She screamed, and let go of my arms. Jellybones threw me down to the floor, my head hit the floorboards beneath me with a thock as a bright white light flashed before my eyes, and my vision began to blur. She turned her attention to the medieval girl.

I could see the medieval girl on the floor; her red hair looked copper as the moon shone its light through the broken window as it ducked its face out of the clouds, the cat still had his claws embedded in her face, holding her in place for Jellybones. The girl reached her hand out to me, and I instinctively reached mine out to her, our fingertips touched as Jellybones sunk her teeth into the girl's head, sucking out any life force she had possessed. Her body dropped lifeless from its stance on her hands and knees, her eyes still staring into mine.

Jellybone’s body convulsed as the energy from the medieval girl surged through her. She let out a loud moan of pleasure as she absorbed the girl’s soul becoming one with her.

I closed my eyes tightly, not wanting to see what the creature had in store for me. I could hear it walking towards me, each movement sounded like a sick squashing sound like jelly hitting the floor.

I am dreaming. This is only a dream I will wake up soon enough. I told myself.

I opened my eyes, and my face turned ashen as I looked up at Jellybones looming over me, reaching for me. I couldn’t breathe, I gasped for air as the creature’s bloody hand reached towards my chest, I screamed but no sound came.

As Jellybones plunged her fist into my chest and stood with my heart in her hand, the world faded to black.



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