“I should be Queen of the Luminari and Daemon, it’s my rightful place!”

The Queen of the Luminari, In’Daelu has a love hate relationship with Zaranur.  She is the creator of the Uasal, and mother creator of the Dwarves.  In her haste to end a war, she caused a ripple effect that would shape the fate of Orelium for ages to come.

“You don’t get to call the shots, Zaranur. You may be King of the Daemon, but I am Queen of the Luminari.” — From The Rise of Orelium

l’ndaelu, The Lady of Light, the Goddess of Battle, Justice and Abundance, is unusually beautiful, with fair skin, waist length, black hair, and eyes the color of gleaming steel. She is very tall and solidly built, and is usually smiling. She usually wears a cloak dyed grey.

The Great Lady is also associated with desire, joy and brawls. She is often worshipped by the poor folk of Orelium. Her large numbers of followers can be primarily distinguished by the clothing they wear, as they flaunt her joy frivolously every chance they get.

There are many myths involving her rough relationship with certain mortals. She is known to sometimes place obstacles in the way of mortal villains. I am sure this is why the Brigands hate her. — Qhol’xaan


Theme song for In’Daelu – Rise of Orelium: Delain – See Me In Shadow:



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