I may not be Oprah, but I have a plethora of favorite things!


  • Music, especially Blues, all sorts of Rock, Indy, Country, R&B
  • Music on vinyl, because a cd doesn’t have that “soul”
  • Dogs, particularly German Shepherds and Basset Hounds
  • Anything Corey Taylor

    Corey Taylor

    Corey Taylor © Llann Wé² – Wikimedia Commons – CC-BY-SA-4.0

  • Anything Dave Grohl
  • Anything Blake Shelton
  • Anything Tim Armstrong. I named a kid after him.
  • Anything Mike Ness… I have a nephew named after him…
  • MMORPGS, LOTRO anyone?
  • Super Heros, mainly Marvel. Hawkeye needs his own movie!
  • Table Top RPGS, Rolemaster, TriTac systems, VTM
  • Movies, too many favorites to name. Check out What I Am Watching to keep up with my favorites!
  • Hobbies. I have a few. Photography, Painting, Drawing, 3D Art, Gardening, and making the odd craft.
  • Purple, the color purple makes me warm and fuzzy inside.
  • People who serve, be it in the Military, Law enforcement, firefighters, paramedics; my heroes, and I am grateful for them.
  • Coffee and chocolate… coffee with chocolate… coffee by itself… chocolate by itself. I think you get the picture.
  • My old Canon Rebel that uses film, because film still rocks!
  • Lilac bushes
  • Maple trees
  • Fall/Autumn
  • Halloween
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