This list contains characters written by Inara Reynolds for her works regarding the World of Orelium. Yes, there will be some spoilers about characters. Please don't read any further if that will bother you, but if you are interested in getting to know the characters before you read their adventures, continue on the journey!

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These original characters were created by Inara Reynolds beginning in 1987 and over the years.

Copyright © 1987 - Current by Inara Reynolds. All rights reserved.

None of these characters may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews.

The Divinity

The Daemon, Luminari, Anam, Demuirge, and Numen.

The Daemon

Zaranur - The King of the Daemon

Sipozhor - The Queen of the Daemon

Seyth - The Daemon Crown Prince

Baim - A Daemon

Paemal - A Daemon

Resor - A Daemon

Tirar - A Daemon

The Triad - A Trio of Daemon

The Luminari

In’Daelu - The Queen of the Luminari

Oroussoe - The King of the Luminari

Frennano - A Luminari

Fluvi - A Luminari

Fesavah - A Luminari

Rexavi - A Luminari

The Anam

Oriden - Half Luminari and Half Daemon

The Demuirge

Brevyre the Demonspell - A half Daemon, half Uasal warrior, and reluctant heroine.

Zaeleth - Half Daemon, Half Uasal

Zandarian - Half Daemon, Half Uasal

The Numen

The Lady of the North - A myth to most

The Lady of the South - The Queen of Ice and Fire

Thylilai - A Herald of Fluvi

Galiaya - A force of Lady In’Daelu’s power

The Children of In'Daelu

The Uasal, and Cuartan.

The Uasal of Orelium

Pronunciation:  OOah-sal

Thangwen Sercetari - Queen of the Uasal, The original awakened, created as an infant.

Alinar - Queen Thangwen’s Prince Consort, Awakened, True brother of Qhol'xaan, Herumacil, and Illianaro

Herumacil - Uasal Commanding General and the Queen's Advisor, First of the awakened, 50 years after Thangwen's "birth."

Valynn - Archer Captain of the Uasal; Awakened, created to be the true brother of Thangwen, father to Raumolire Arien

Illianaro - Commander of the Archers and Rangers, the Queen's Second; Awakened

Celebreth the First Born - Crown Princess of the Uasal; daughter of Alinar and Thangwen

Tucosta Herumacil - A weapon master of the Uasal

Tristhara Ezeleala - A Ranger of the Uasal

Raumolire Arien - A Runemage of the Uasal, daughter of Valynn

The Cuartan of Orelium

Pronunciation:  CooAREtan

Qhol'xann - A Cuartan mage, former apprentice of Thangwen Sercetari,  Awakened Uasal, true brother of Alinar

Uzrau’xor - A Cuartan Scholar and Master, former apprentice of Thangwen Sercetari, Awakened Uasal

Tha'avar - A Cuartan Scholar Apprentice

Rhaac’var - A Cuartan mage assassin

The Children of Zaranur

The Humans, including the Barbarian band of the Juslarians that broke off at the end of the First Age.

The Humans of Orelium

Tesar - The first Human King, awakened

Livia - Queen Consort of the Humans, Wife to King Tesar, awakened

Inyshaelai - High Princess, Awakened true sister of Tesar, wife to Idor, mother of Raken

Idor - Tesar’s General, Awakened

Tuso - Firstborn crown Prince. Son of Tesar and Livia.

Raken - Secondborn, Son of Inyshaelai and Idor

The Juslarians of Orelium

Blelgled - A Juslarian warrior, with great strength and combat knowledge

The Children of Oroussoe

The Dwarves

The Dwarves of Orelium

Dhorfal - The first Dwarven King; Awakened

Mhanili - A Dwarven Guardian; Awakened

Disili - A Dwarven Scribe; Awakened

Sighvatr - A Dwarven Guardian; Exiled Princess

The Children of Seyth

The Demon

The Demons of Orelium

Antarium - A Demon Mage; Awakened

Xazosaexal - A Demon Warrior; Awakened

Keancurri - A Demon Concubine; Awakened

Roandreth - A Demon Concubine

Miuxur - A Demon Mage; Awakened

The Half-Demons of Orelium

Ciraneth - A Half-Demon, Half-Curatan Scholar

Zareene - A Half-Demon, Half-Uasal mage

The Other Races

The Taigh-Fuine Hauflin of Orelium

Diamond Hemlock - A Young Taigh-Fuine Hauflin

Scarlet Begonia - A Young Taigh-Fuine Hauflin

Safronella - A Taigh-Fuine Hauflin, keeper of the wood

Tara - A Young Taigh-Fuine Hauflin

The Dragons of Orelium

The Kel’sidth of Orelium