Upcoming Releases



Colonizer - A Stand-Alone Science Fiction Novella. Posting soon as a serial. - Publishing date TBD

Something Wicked - An anthology of "thrilling" short stories - Late Fall.

Don't see a book you are looking for listed here? Some books don't have a confirmed publish date yet for various reasons. Stay tuned!

Works by Inara Reynolds

A Rube In Time

Borrowed Time Vol. 1 - Novel
Hooked X Vol. 2 - Novel
Law Breakers Vol. 3 - Novel
Oath Keepers Vol. 4 - Novel
Hell Blast Vol. 5 - Novel
The Pheonix  - Short story

The Caste

Insurrection Book 1 - Novel
Cam and Segna - (Title to be changed) - Short Story
Ben and Helen - (Title to be changed) - Short Story
The Fight for Detroit - Short Story

The World of Orelium

Chronicles of Qhol'Xaan

Rise of Orelium Vol. 1 - Novel

The Runemaster Trilogy

Raumolire's Adventures.

Runemage Vol. 1 - Novel
Runemaster Vol. 2 - Novel
Runes of Power Vol. 3 - Novel

Legends of Tesasona Series

Brevyre's Sagas

The Demonspell Vol 1. - Novel
Under Seige Vol 2. - Novel

Guardians of Night

Titles to be announced after conversions unrelated to Bureau 13 are completed.

Stand Alone Books

Colonizer - Novella (SciFi)

Short Stories

Damaged Goods (Flash Fiction, Déjà vu)
Jellybones (Horror, Thriller, Paranormal, Long Short Story)
Iniquitous (Thriller, Whodunit, Paranormal)
Broken Cogs (Steampunk)
The Beast and the Harlot (Paranormal Romance)
Vampires and Lycans, Oh My! (Urban Paranormal)
Hadrian's Pumpkin (Middle grade, historical. Ancient Rome)
Diary of a Serial Killer (Thriller)

Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Gothic Thriller)
Rise of the Templar (history fiction)
The Boy in the Box (Crime) Inspired by a true crime
The Body Under the Porch (Crime)
There is Something Odd About Iris (Horror, Thriller)
Out of Mordor (Fan Fic, Fantasy)
Not Again! (Dejavu, thriller)
Say What? (Generic Micro Fiction) - A short from my "Inspiration From TV" writing exercise.