The Demon Spell - Interview with Brevyre

The Demon Spell - Interview with BrevyreInara – Brevyre, what is the best advice you have ever gotten from someone? 

Brevyre  – The best advice I have ever gotten was pretty recent.  Qhol’xaan told me not to let anyone pick my path for me; it’s a road I need to pick for myself.  He told me that I needed to try to become my own person, find the path that gets me to my end goal, but helps me grow at the same time.

Inara – What about the best or most often given advice you have given to someone else?

Brevyre – That I have given?  Let me see…  I don’t think it’s the best advice, but it’s the one I have given the most.  Don’t trust a cleric… or a paladin.  They preach love and goodness in one hand, while stabbing you in the back with the other.  There is also the other, Move faster, don’t die.

Inara – Sound advice I think.  Do you have skills that no one knows about?

Brevyre – If I told you, everyone would know.  I think I do some of my not known by all skills in The Demon Spell at any rate.

Inara – Quick fire.  If I could get away with it, I would…

Brevyre – Kill clerics

Inara – Ahem… you already do that…

Brevyre – I know, and I get away with it.

Inara – Do you have any illnesses, allergies, phobias, etc.?

Brevyre – What?  Are you a spy?  Who sent you!  Just kidding, Inara.  Illnesses, not that I know of.  Allergies, to morons, does that count?  Phobias… well, I don’t like to sit in a room with no windows, or with my back to a door, I don’t know if those count as phobias.  It’s not fear that makes me do it, it’s a paranoia thing.  I don’t like to not be able to see who’s coming for me.  So who did you say sent you?

Inara – Paranoid much?

Brevyre – Always….

Inara – In The Demon Spell you and Zareene have a conversation about right and wrong.   Other than that conversation, what do you feel that you are right about, and what can you admit to maybe being wrong about?

Brevyre – Hmm… I am right about most everything.  I am kidding.  I feel that I am right about how to destroy Braedwardith.  That is something that Thangwen and I are going to butt heads on.  It will be really crucial that Tris and I get in there soon.  Now as far as something I may be wrong about, there are many of those things.  I am not someone who can’t admit to being wrong, usually.

Inara – What makes you angry enough to lose control?

Brevyre – That is highlighted in the first chapter.  I will not indulge that information.

Inara – A few more quick fires!

Inara – When I am feeling over whelmed by emotion, I…

Brevyre – Like to be alone.  I don’t like to cry in front of others, to me that is showing weakness to those around you.  Allowing yourself a moment in private to be weak is perfectly ok.

Inara – When I am alone, I… 

Brevyre – Feel Relaxed.

Inara – When I am surrounded by others, I…

Brevyre – Sometimes feel overwhelmed, unless it involves combat.

Inara – … knows my true nature, which is…

Brevyre – Blelgled knows my true nature, which is vulnerable at times

Inara – Nothing could be worse than being seen as…

Brevyre – As a typical demon

Inara – Nothing could be better than being seen as…

Brevyre – Better than the typical demon.

Inara – … is typical of me (a decision, trait, circumstance, etc.)

Brevyre – Anger and hostility

Inara – My relationship with my mother is/was…

Brevyre – Nonexistent.  She was murdered when I was born

Inara – My relationship with my father is/was…

Brevyre – Depends on which one you mean?  But, those details are in the book.

Inara – What has been your most influential relationship?

Brevyre – My relationship with Thangwen

Inara – My first romantic relationship was…

Brevyre – I don’t count my flings or brothel trips as romantic relationships, so that would be Blelgled.

Inara – Very nice, Brevyre.  Speaking of Blelgled, we are going to talk about what draws you to a person.  What are traits you admire and hate in someone?

Brevyre – Traits I admire in someone are loyalty, courage, and confidence.  Traits I hate in someone are cowardice, a liar, and greed.

Inara – Anything else you want people to know about you before we wrap it up?

Brevyre – I am not a typical demon.  I know I have said that, and despite some of the things you will read at the beginning, I really am not.  I am going through a lot of growth and self-discovery.  There is a lot more to come from me then what The Demon Spell will even begin to show you.  I welcome you all to my journey, and look forward to sharing the bumpy road with you.

Inara Reynolds is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. She has written character classes for various role playing games, as well as modules.

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