The Demon Spell - Interview with Brevyre

The Demon Spell - Interview with BrevyreInara – Now, what do you think is admirable about you, and what about you would you like to change?

Brevyre – I think the most admirable quality I have is my courage.  I am willing to do what needs to be done to protect the innocent without question.  I think that also brings me to one of the bad qualities I have.  I don’t question the risks to myself in the meantime.

Inara – I agree with that.   Otherwise, you are pretty well rounded.

Brevyre – Well rounded?  Even with all the trips I have made to the brothels?

Inara – Even with, although with Blelgled, you don’t need to go to them places anymore, unless you are gathering Intel.

Brevyre – Right, a man will tell a whore anything; even sell out their momma for a good piece….

[Inara and Brevyre laugh knowing that Brevyre’s statement was more than true.]

Inara – What to date has been your proudest moment, and your Darkest Moment?

Brevyre – I don’t think I have had a proudest moment yet.  Not one that I can mention in this interview, brothel accomplishments don’t count, I don’t think. If they did, you would have to write a whole ‘nother kind of series.

Brevyre – My darkest moment involves Minerva.  I won’t indulge too much into that.  It’s captured beautifully in The Demon Spell as it is.

Inara – Since we are still getting to know you a little more, Brevyre,  what are you the most ashamed of in your life, and what makes you the most happy in life?

Brevyre – Being half demon is something that I am very ashamed of.  The happiest moments in my life have been spent around children.  I love hearing them laugh, and knowing they are having fun, like children should be doing.

Inara – What is your biggest vice?

Brevyre – It used to be the brothels… but that has changed for me.  Currently it is picking fights.

[Brevyre smiled]

Inara – At least you pick fights with people who are either as big as or bigger than you.

Brevyre – Right, no sense picking a fight with someone you can hit once and have it over before it begins.  No fun in that.  Also the same mentality I have going into a battle of wits with someone.

Inara – In The Demon Spell, Qhol’xaan talks about a gift he had given you when you were a child, what besides that, is the best gift you have ever been given?  What is the best gift you have given to someone else? 

Brevyre – That was some gift he gave me.  Not a lot of things can top that really. [Brevyre sits back in her chair, deep in thought].  The best gift I have ever gotten was a family.  Again, that is touched on in The Demon Spell.  

Brevyre – The best gift I have ever given someone else has been their life.  Not birth to, but preserving it so they don’t lose it, you know, continue with it.

Inara – Always good when you can keep breathing on your own!

Brevyre – Yes, indeed, Inara.  Even if some people really should consider not doing it anymore.

Inara Reynolds is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. She has written character classes for various role playing games, as well as modules.

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