The Demon Spell - Interview with Brevyre

The Demon Spell - Interview with BrevyreWelcome everyone; I am Inara Reynolds author of the upcoming series “Legends of Tesasona” from the world of Orelium. 

Today’s interview is one I am excited about.  Right from the set of The Demon Spell from the “Legends of Tesasona” series, Brevyre the Demonspell!

Inara Reynolds – Hi, Brevyre, glad you can join me to do this interview today!

Brevyre the Demonspell – Thank you for having me, Inara, always a pleasure.

[Brevyre slides her hands to her sword hilts, clearly nervous]

Inara – How do you feel being the protagonist in The Demon Spell?

Brevyre – I am reluctant!  I also don’t think I am the only protagonist in this story.  My sister, Tristhara also has that role, and at times, our brother Tucosta sure fits the bill nicely.  Thangwen, she’s treading that protagonist line a little as well.

Inara – Yes she sure is!  There have been times I had thought about throwing her a life vest, but luckily for us she knows how to tread water well!

[Brevyre laughs]

Inara – What do you think of the antagonists in The Demon Spell right now? 

Brevyre – Rhaac’var was shockingly an antagonist; I was kind of surprised to see what he was really up to.  I knew he was someone that I would need to work harder to figure out, but I just didn’t foresee that outcome.

Inara – Even after Thangwen had warned you?

Brevyre – After my grandmother warned me, I was watching my back.  I just had no idea he was up to something that bad!  I mean, with Rhaac’var, I was certain it would be about money.  I am still speechless as to what he did, even if I am not shocked by it, unfortunately.

Inara – I think we all were shocked by his actions.  What about the main antagonists that you are dealing with?

Brevyre – The Daemon… yes, I refuse to call them by the titles they think they deserve in my life.  I don’t want to give them that much power over me or my mind. Zareene asked me recently if I hated Zaranur and Seyth.  I told him that if I hated them, that would mean they were relevant.

Inara – Good thought.  I agree with you, and speaking of the people in your life like Zareene, who right now do you consider to be your closest friend?

Brevyre  – On a friend basis only?  Someone I am not related to or having sex with right?

[Inara laughs] Yes, friend zone only.

Brevyre – Oh that makes it much easier, Zareene by far.  I was so very close to Turtle, but we know what occurs with that.  I can’t indulge that right now, our reader’s need to get there first.

Inara – Right, don’t want to give out too many spoilers before the book comes out. 


Inara Reynolds is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. She has written character classes for various role playing games, as well as modules.

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