Fate, Destiny, and a Rube Goldberg Device

Grey book cover for upcoming bookThe first volume in Inara Reynolds' A Rube In Time series, adapted from her short novella of the same title written for a Wattpad challenge.


Stuck in a prim and proper Victorian world, where status and appearances matter, nineteen-year-old Meryia Abigail Wells-Morgan dreams of having a life outside of the typical Victorian stereotype in New England and getting out from under her overbearing mother.

As a steampunk and creator, she dreams of patents, Rube Goldberg devices, and fame as a woman in a society dominated by men.

Loaded with a component borrowed from her mother, her current Rube Goldberg goes array, sending her back in time.

Was it fate, or was it just a mistake?

Meryia finds herself in a race against time and an approaching Roman army to save not only herself but the people who have taken her in and the man she has fallen in love with.
Can she succeed? Or will she doom them all to a fate worse than death?

Genre: Steampunk, Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Alternate History

The original Borrowed Time

I originally wrote Borrowed Time for the September 2016 Sci-Fi #justwriteit #AdventureEdition Something borrowed adventure challenge on Wattpad and was originally posted as a series story September, 2016.

The finished Novella contains 18,992 words, 11 chapters, and an Epilogue.

The story was posted as a serial that month, and the finished work contained 18,992 words, 11 chapters, and an epilogue.

I will be leaving the original version of the story with it's origional cover on Wattpad.

The e-book for the final published version will be released free.

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Borrowed Time

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I could not find two songs in video form on Youtube, Unwoman - Seven Nation Army and Ghostfire - Fire In The Hole. I will keep looking!

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