Borrowed Time Book Cover

Borrowed Time Book Cover Steampunk Playlist

I love all things Steampunk! During the re-edit for the final draft of the book, I was listening to some of my favorite songs that related to the genre and the story. I thought I would share that experience with you.

The proofing date had to be pushed up  for the book to accommodate shipping times of my finalized proof copy.  If it goes quicker, which I hope it does, I will let you all know. I am hoping the proof copy looks as good as I have envisioned the book in my mind.  I guess that it wouldn’t be too bad to release it on Halloween, after all, that is my favorite holiday!

I would like to thank those of my beta readers who encouraged me to publish this story, and to the people who talked me into turning this into a series.  Your support means everything to me!

I have so many ideas and plot lines going on for Meryia for future full length books. I hope you will enjoy her journey through time as much as I am writing it. It’s amazing how a story written originally for a challenge turned into something that people really liked, supported, and want more of.

I will be leaving the original version of the story up on Wattpad, and the e-book for the final published version will be free.

Anyway, now that I have run on a mile, enjoy the Steampunk playlist! If you can think of other songs I should have included, let me know in the comments!

Steampunk Playlist for Borrowed Time on Spotify

Steampunk Playlist for Borrowed Time on You Tube

I could not find two songs in video form on Youtube, Unwoman – Seven Nation Army and Ghostfire – Fire In The Hole. I will keep looking!

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