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Inara Reynolds is one of the authors of the World of Orelium series of Epic Fantasy Novels (Inara's offerings of Chronicles of Qhol'xaan, The Runemaster Trilogy, and Legends of Tesasona.) and the writer of A Rube in Time Series of Steampunk and Time Travel novels.

Inara Reynolds spent her childhood traveling the globe with her military family, experiencing history and developing a passion for books.

Today, Inara lives in beautiful Colorado where she is a freelance writer, poet, author of short stories and creator of a few fantasy worlds. Inara also has journalism and copy editing experience.
Inara has written character classes for various role-playing games, as well as modules. She has had a couple of poems published back in the mid 90’s as well as a couple of short stories that cater to the tastes of the fantasy and RP crowd.

Inara writes in the genres of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller Mysteries, and history with alternate endings.

When Inara is not writing, she is usually out supporting her oldest son in his musical endeavors, playing with her passel of German Shepherds and grandkids, or crafting the odd thing or two.

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    I fell in love with the fantasy genre when I was five, and my babysitter read me poems by Tolkien. "Goblin Feet" was my favorite.

    I am a total gamer geek. From tabletop to computer first shooter and MMORPGs, you name it, I have probably played it. I am not ashamed of my two tackle boxes full of dice that I keep lovingly organized. People tell me I get OCD if my dice are out of place… ever…

    My passion for writing began in 1977 when that amazing red box came out, containing Dungeons and Dragons. Come to think of it; my inner geek jumped out around then also.

    Music is a passion. I play a few instruments well; sing as if my bucket has a hole in it, no matter who is listening.

I have children and grandchildren; the true loves of my life.

    I used to sneak a flashlight into bed with me every night as a child. I didn’t need it to see the monsters under my bed, or chase away the darkness; I did it to read; hoping my parents wouldn’t catch me. My eyes still don’t thank me for that!

    I love art. I dabble in multi-mediums, including oil painting, photography, and 3-D rendering.

    I am 90% Paleo. The other 10% is primal; I enjoy the once a week cheese indulgence and an occasional splash of organic half-and-half in a cup of coffee.

I never miss a Marvel movie when they debut in the theaters.

    My friends and family often call me a chipmunk on crack… I do have ADHD and drink way too much coffee… You get the picture!

Inara began creating fantasy worlds and races 30 years ago, focusing mainly on a project where races called Uasal and Cuartan existed.

A few years after talking to Nick J Balers about his ideas for a realm named Solistea, Inara realized he was the right person to bring into her project. Nicholas brought in new ideas, and after fleshing, revamping, and melding of the minds, the two were able to come together, and Orelium was born.

The World of Orelium is Copyright © 2014 Inara Reynolds and Nick J Balers

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