For my part, The World of Orelium began in 1986 under the name of Maurlinde, a planet in the Demaverus Galaxy.

Sometime in 2014, my long-time friend, Nicholas Blackwood, and I, discussed the worlds we had been working on at length one night, and after more discussion, we concluded we should join projects.

Nick and I embarked on a two-year journey revamping our prior solo works, fleshing out and reforging new ones. There was some arguing occasionally, but in the end, we came together, and Orelium arose from the aftermath.

One day we will share all of the notes and changes with you.

With that said

We each hold the copyrights of our personal contributions and, in collaboration, the name of Orelium as a team.

Each author and artist are responsible for their own creative content.

Out of mutual respect, I will include this phrase on my copyright pages as an example when I use Nick’s region of Soliesta in any of my works.

“Soliesta is Copyright by Nicholas Blackwood and used with permission; and is a part of the World of Orelium, a collaboration between Inara Reynolds and Nicholas Blackwood.”

I created a Wiki for The World of Orelium

As you look through the wiki of world-building and lore, you will see the creator’s name on each page or the joint contribution attribution where applicable.

My first book, “The Rise of Orelium,” is the preface for so much more from Nick and me.

The Chronicles of Qhol’xaan series is my first offering about the World of Orelium. Many chapters in this series are signed with Qhol’xaan’s name, as they are told from his perspective of what happened.

Qhol’xaan’s series details Orelium in a way that my Raumolire series, Legends of Tesasona, or Nicholas’ Soliesta series will not be able to convey, as Qhol'xaan's series gives more of a voice to a key player who helped sow the seeds that will affect Orelium for ages to come.

Nicholas and I invite you to share our journey and experience Orelium for yourself.

Cordially yours in Orelium,

Inara Reynolds.