Hello there, I’m Inara.

Welcome to my website. Thank you for taking the time to visit.

I am currently in the stages of final edits for “Borrowed Time” the Novel, adapted from my Novella of the same title I wrote for a Wattpad challenge. “Borrowed Time” is book 1 for the Steampunk and Time Traveller series, A Rube in Time.

If Dystopian stories are more of your thing, the novel “Insurrection” is heading into the 2nd draft. I will be calling for beta readers in the upcoming months, so keep an eye on the website to get your free ebook. I would love to have you join me on the “Insurrection” journey.

If you are wondering about my upcoming Sword and Sorcery novels, I have 5 books written for three of the series I am planning. Expect magic and elves, and dragons to come your way sometime this winter!

In the meantime, sit back, read some of the other stories I have published on the website and on Wattpad. Feel free to join me on social media, or drop me an email. I am still accepting writing challenge requests!

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Works Published Online by Inara Reynolds



A simple break in at the Poxston Art Gallery turns into pure hell for art curator, Juliette Olamos.
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A tale of a freak storm, a curious Gentleman, and an inescapable blasphemy…
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Borrowed Time Book Cover

Borrowed Time – Novella

Fate, Destiny and a Rube Goldberg Device.
The Original Novella written for a Wattpad Challenge. Read for Free.
Damaged Goods Cover

Damaged Goods

Another typical day, or is it?
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Inara's Works In Progress

Insurrection 2nd Draft
46% Complete
41,785 of 90,000 words
When tyranny rules, can a group of misfits bring back democracy to the masses?

Borrowed Time - Final Draft
67% Complete
40,320 of 60,000 words
Fate, Destiny, and a Rube Goldberg Device.

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